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12 December 2009 @ 02:11 am
After speaking with Aiden, Andrew had discovered that Pat and Cameron's 30th birthday was on the weekend, and whilst Aiden wanted to do something special for them, he had no idea what. Already set in motion, the twins' family were on their way over from England and Mr and Mrs Brennan were keeping them under wraps. Also on their way were ten of Cameron's football team mates who were heading over to surprise him. Both Pat and Cameron we oblivious, and Aiden was going to just try and get something together at the last minute. With Tara still in a coma at that point and RJ in the wake of his illness, everyones minds had been elsewhere. So Andrew, still desperately needing distractions to work through his present issues, volunteered to have his Karaoke night crashed by the whole group in honour of Pat and Cameron's birthday. He also took after the rest of the arrangements and it kept him busy for about a week.

Now it was here, and the whole thing had gone off without a hitch. Lachlan had told Andrew about the twins' surprise birthday party two years prior, the night he had proposed to Tara. The conversation was abruptly cut short, though, when Lachlan choked up and couldn't talk much beyond it. It had been just two short days before he ended up getting shot out the front of the hospital. It was still an extremely painful subject, but it was just interesting that neither twin cottoned on to what was going on again. When they both showed up at The London expecting an easy Karaoke night to get through, they were stunned to find all their family and friends there, adorned in pink and wearing Liverpool FC scarves. Pat took it all in his stride, even though he was clearly shocked, but the impact hit Cameron the hardest to the point he was speechless before he even realised his team mates were there.

Now, as a sea of red engulfed the injured football player in a loud rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone', Andrew lost sight of Cameron to really see his reaction, but he smiled. It was nice to see it all come off, and now it was just time for a night of fun with some good music. There would still be Karaoke, just with more bells and whistles in honour of the 30th Birthday milestone. Andrew hovered near the bar and cleared his throat as he rubbed at the back of his neck. He was still starkly aware of the amount of booze in his presence, but at least if he got through tonight, it might be easy to get through the next week or so.
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The wedding reception was off to more than a perfect start, and not one of the guests had failed in jumping right into both the wedding and Halloween spirit. In every sense of it, it was a wedding reception, with the decor matching the church for the ceremony and a huge chocolate wedding cake standing proudly off to the side, which would be served with ever possible flavour of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on offer as a side dish. Beside that, there was a large chocolate fountain in operation with every sort of fruit and sweets to select from for people to go back and forth all night if they wished. The meal had been lovely, the food proper soul food and none of the fancy shit with one carrot and drip of sauce on top of it. It anyone wasn’t already in a brilliant mood, the food certainly would have put them in it. The only people who hadn’t changed into fancy dress were the bride and groom who had mischievously decided to go to the party as a bride and groom because said bride refused to not get maximum benefit out of her designer wedding dress, already joking that Andrew was going to have to shag her in it while they consummated the marriage.

Once the ceremony was over, all the guests had moved on to The Bondi in Soho while the wedding party went to Central Park to get more photos taken. It was only then that Ali made another surprise about-turn, telling James, Izzy, Tab, and Max that they could head on to the reception and they would meet them there really soon. This time, no one knew what she was up, except maybe the limo driver, and she handed over a generous cheque to the photographer to pay him for an additional location for shots, which he happily agreed to (of course). Andrew, Luke and Leila tried to repeatedly question her once they were back in the limo, clearing deducing it was something to do with the three cousins, but she was tight-lipped until they reached their destination. A certain private hospital in the city that currently housed a certain wounded soldier.

Luckily she was armed with tissues, because when Ali finally explained they were bringing the wedding to Rob, holding up a small camera on which one of her uncles had recorded the whole ceremony, Leila burst into tears...Collapse )
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11 September 2009 @ 06:24 pm
Who: Isabel & Pat
Where: Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Follows: THIS and THIS

It had been harder than Pat anticipated getting Cameron away from the hospital for a whole day. He hadn't understood why he needed to, until Aiden stepped in and constructed a story about deciding he needed to spend more time with Cameron and get to know him away from some of the drama. It wasn't a lie. Aiden had mentioned the fact to Pat a few times, but it just hadn't managed to come off. Pat had also told Aiden he had asked Izzy to come to Princeton, and although Aiden seemed to see red for a few moments, and understandably, he did seem to get it. He hadn't pushed for more info, but Pat promised he would talk to him about it later. It also meant Aiden wanted to keep both Cameron and Harri as far away from Princeton Plainsboro as he could manage, do he arranged for a table at one of Princeton's most expensive restaurants for lunch, pulling some strings with hsi business contacts.

Ironically, Pat was now flicking through an advanced copy of the latest Razor that Harri had brought back from New York for him. He was drowsy, but determined to stay awake a little longer. Izzy had promised she would be here, and despite everything, he trusted her word... that word, at least. She had also said she loved his brother at one point. That was a word he didn't so much trust anymore.
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29 August 2009 @ 07:06 pm
Who: Andrew's Suprise Party!
Where: The Bondi, New York City
When: Saturday 29th August
Follows: All HERE


Ali was exhausted, but it was worth every single moment. She got more and more nervous that all her hard plans for the party would be spoiled if someone spilt the beans (namely her), but everyone sat on the surprise to perfect and when Leila and her boyfriend brought Andrew to the bar that evening, the place had been in darkness until the surprise was reveal and she swore Andrew nearly wet himself from shock. Ali had gone all out and spent $2,000 on a short slinky strapless silver dress to match her new shoes and showed off her legs. Tonight would probably be the last night she managed to get into a dress like that, and the cut and fabric didn't hide the fact she was three months pregnant at all, but for the first time she wasn't trying to hide it. She was pregnant and looking hot at her fiance's birthday party, which she had planned and pulled off to perfect. When she saw his face, and the grin as he sought her out in the crowd, the whole secret-keeping was more than worth it.

Of course he was a string of apologies then for doubting her, but she pushed him up against the bar and kissed him heatedly to shut up him up. From then on, the party was in full swing, with Tab, Lachlan and co with their band up on the stage. That had been a must. She wanted the music to be perfect, and later when the band finished their set, the Karaoke machine would be set up for anyone to jump in and have a go if they felt like it. There was a large, long table lining one wall of the bar covered in all sorts of food, with all the non-vegetarian dishes marked with little flags so Andrew would know what was what. In the middle of the table up on a pedestal was her ambulance cake and Andrew laughed, not quite believing anyone would want to go to this much trouble for his birthday. He kept telling her how gorgeous she was and how much he loved her. Ali enjoyed the attentions as they danced, not being able to get enough of him either.

She couldn't help but search her two best friends out in the crowd, though. She hadn't spoken to either of them, and didn't know what had gone down. All she knew was they both promised to be here tonight because she threatened to never speak to them again if they missed it, and that Harri was conspicuously absent. That didn't necessarily say all that much, though. Pat was in hospital, and that's why Aiden wasn't able to make it, despite being close friends with Andrew. Pat and Cameron didn't come either, for obvious reasons. Was Harri just absent because she was sticking by Aiden's side, or something much, much worse?

Andrew got dragged onto the dancefloor by Tab, so Ali took the opportunity to break from the dancefloor for a breather. She ordered an orange juice at the bar, rubbing at her back which was sore from the dancing. Her feet were hurting a little too, and not spending the previous day in her shoes didn't seem like such a good idea.
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20 July 2009 @ 07:01 pm
Who: Pat & Aiden
Where: Pat & Aiden's place
When: Monday Night
Follows: THIS and THIS


Pat took a small sip from his glass of white wine as he slowly stirred a pot on the stove. It was early evening and he had been home from work for a couple of hours now. Cameron had been there when he got home, but went out with Lachlan for a pint a little while later. Pat declined an invite to join them on account of the fact it had been a long day and he was tired, but he also needed to talk to Aiden, who was asleep on the sofa when he arrived home. If Aiden was asleep at three in the afternoon, he needed it and Pat had no intentions of disturbing him.

He had a hushed conversation with his twin in the kitchen, Pat sensing something was wrong, but Cameron promised it wasn't anything to worry about and he would talk more about it later. He hadn't been able to help adding, too, that he thought Pat and Aiden needed some space that night anyway, making Pat realise that his brother had probably conspired with Lachlan for the beer date and suspected it was probably just going to be at Lachlan's place with baby RJ present. Either way, Pat was still pissed off at his husband, as much as he didn't want to be.

Aiden came into the kitchen, trying to stifle yet another yawn, rubbing his hand over his face. He hesitated momentarily when he found Pat at the stove and bit down guiltily on his lip...Collapse )
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12 July 2009 @ 12:10 am
Who: Andrew, Luke, Tab (= posting order)
Where: The London, Princeton
When: Saturday afternoon

Andrew was numb. Initially, he had been cool, calm, and collected in the face of Ali's panic. It was like he instinctively just knew he had to be okay so she would know it was okay to be okay. He hadn't been wrong about the freak out later, though. He hadn't absorbed the information half as well as he thought he had, and it was only that morning Ali finally took the pregnancy test she had bought. That morning that they both sat on the edge of the bathtub staring at the white stick in Ali's hand with the stark declaration of PREGNANT on the little screen. Technology really had advanced with even pregnancy tests coming with a digital reading now. He had commented on that, too, not exactly sure where the thought had come from. That had just been easier to process than what it was actually saying. They stared at it for close to five minutes after that, the bathroom in silence. At least until Ali turned around and threw up rather impressively all over the bathtub. Andrew still wasn't sure where she kept it all in her slender figure. He was sure he hadn't thrown up that much collectively in his life, let alone in one go.

She was exhausted after that, so Andrew offered to take Jamie out so she could rest. It was probably a mistake in hindsight because he had a slight notion he wasn't absorbing much of anything. He was just going through the motions because he didn't know how he was supposed to react. It wasn't that he didn't want to have a baby with Ali, because he did. He just never expected it to be this soon. They weren't married yet, Jamie was still just shy of eight months old. He knew how much Ali had suffered with the pregnancy, with the birth, and in the months following from Post-Natal Depression. He was scared for her, and that was blocking any of his emotions towards the baby. Their baby.

It was that thought that had him pulling up out the front of Luke's new bar in Princeton. He blinked, looking at the front of the bar as if wondering how the fuck he got there. He had originally gone to The Bondi in New York in hopes his cousin might be there working for the day, but his manager had informed Andrew Luke was still all hands on at the new bar in Princeton while it established a foundation. He hadn't meant to drive all the way to Princeton with Jamie asleep in her capsule in the backseat. He rubbed a hand over his face and then picked up his cell phone, bringing James' number up from his phone book. He left a message on the Special Agent's cell phone telling him he got held up in Princeton, but Ali was home sick with a stomach bug if he could check in on her. Then he left a message on Ali's cell telling her what he had told James. He knew she had let it slip to Izzy because she had been in such a state, but he couldn't be sure if she wanted to universally announce it just yet.

He got out of the car and took the baby capsule from the back seat, then slung the trendy designer baby bag over his shoulder, juggling it all with ease so he could lock his car and set the alarm. The bar looked to be open, but by that point Andrew didn't care. He went inside, the capsule gripped in his hand and looked around anxiously for any sign of his cousin, or Tab.
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Who: Anyone who is there
Where: Lachlan & Tara's Place
When: Friday night
Follows: Nothing


Aiden had been on his way home from New York when Pat text messaged him to tell him to come to Tara and Lachlan's place instead of going straight home. That wasn't odd. Pat often spent time with his friends' place. But Aiden never expected a party to be in the works. Actually, it was more just a typical scene when the group got together as a whole. Bums in seats all over, excellent music, dancing, drinks, nice food. It had to have been spur of the moment or there would have been more notice. It probably started as nothing more than a couple of post-work drinks on a Friday night, but it was just the nature of their bunch. They knew how to have fun, and this was no exception. He walked through the foyer and up the hall, peeking around the door with a slight hesitation. It was the bunch, afterall. Anything could really be going on inside.

Lachlan was standing up on his piano stool with a microphone singing 'Do You Love Me' in nothing but his kilt and white singlet swivelling his hips in dance moves that had no doubt been honed from being able to sing any and all genres at the drop of a hat. This was one of Pat's favourite songs so it had to have been a request. Just off to the side of the piano, Riley had RJ in his arms dancing with him with some moves that weren't half fucking bad at all for a bloke who professed to be a dork. The baby boy was squealing with giggles in his godfather's arm and bouncing up and down, despite the loud music. Pat was dancing with Tara and Evie, and it looked like Tab and Luke were in the making out on the sofa. Josh was sitting on a nearby recliner drumming on his knees, while Emma stood behind him with her arms draped around his neck. To think, Aiden actually expected to have a quiet Friday night in that night. He leant against the door way, a smile on his face as he watched the scene. He didn't think he could have married into a better family if he tried.
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17 June 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Who: Iz & Cameron
Where: Izzy's apartment (NYC), Pat & Aiden's place (Princeton)
When: Wednesday
Follows: THIS


Izzy sat twiddling her thumbs for a moment as she listened to Jamie in her cot. She was at Ali's babysitting, and she'd almost talked herself out of calling Cameron. Only she did want to go to Princeton to be with him, because, well... she missed him. She missed him a lot and the whole distance thing was fucked, even if it was just another state.

Heaven help her when he was in another country.

She flipped open her cell and brought up his number before hitting the call button, shifting restlessly as she was biting the tip of her finger.
13 June 2009 @ 10:22 am
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